Hi there! I'm Paige. Nice to meet you.

I grew up on a two-hundred acre farm a little away from everything. My husband, Brandon, grew up on over four-hundred acres in the literal middle of nowhere. While in college, we’d take day trips through the farmland surrounding the city just to get back to shady trees and green grass. We’d pull off on the side of the road and roll the windows down just to listen to that country silence. We are, in our deepest hearts, country folk. And no matter where else we've lived or visited, nothing calls to us like rural life.

After college, we packed up our cat and moved to the suburbs as our first tentative step into homeownership. Our house was a very nice three year old, four bedroom, two and a half bath home on a 0.2 acre lot. We acquired some cars, another cat, a dog, and a motorcycle. We even got married while we lived there. Yet every few weeks since the move, I have checked and rechecked the listing websites looking for...something. Something with character, charm, space, land, barns, buildings, wooden doors, glass knobs, and maybe a beautiful staircase.

And we found it. Welcome to our farm.

This blog is here to chronicle our successes and failures as we make this beautiful, one hundred year old, slightly neglected house into our forever home. We can hardly wait to get started.