Announcing: Project Don't Starve

The time has come. That time. The special time. Which time you ask?

The time that we FINALLY get to start working on the kitchen. The time to begin transforming this horrible, torn apart, 1980s kitchen back in to an oasis worthy of a 1905 farmhouse. Isn’t that EXCITING?! Yes. Yes it is.


It also means that I have to figure out what the heck we’re going to eat out of a crock pot for the next eight months and where the heck we are going to eat it. Fortunately I have the second part of that figured out.

After a Saturday spent grunting, shoving, heaving, and panting, I now have a temporary kitchen set up (more on that later). Is it glamorous? Nope. Is it styled? Definitely not. Am I excited about it? YOU BETCHA.

As for the first part? Welp. That’s the project. Project Don’t Starve, to be exact.

All in one guide to a well fed home renovation.

All in one guide to a well fed home renovation.

The big secret is that I don’t LOVE cooking. Well…I shouldn’t say that. I might enjoy cooking - when I’m not project managing a massive DIY home renovation. But for now it most definitely falls in to the category of hassle instead of hobby.

In a valiant attempt to make sure we remain reasonably well nourished over this kitchen renovation, I asked you to give me your favorite crock pot recipes of all time. EVER. Anything that can be made in a slow cooker or an electric fry pan, sign me up.

Disclaimer: no I will not get an Instant Pot. I don’t care how cool they are. Pressure cookers scare the life out of me, and I would most definitely be the 0.00001% of people whose Instant Pot explodes. Being highly risk averse by nature, hard pass.

To say you responded with gusto would be the most embarrassingly understated comment of the century. I have enough recipes to feed us for YEARS.

So. For the next…however long it takes us to finish this room…I am going to make one of these recipes a week. I will post about which ones we are making up here on the blog along with my thoughts and modifications. Then they’ll stay collected for you as a reference for doing your own kitchen renovation. Or if you just need a plan for good food.

All aboard the Project Don’t Starve train! We’re pulling out of the station. Do you have a favorite recipe? Let me at it! Let’s give it a go! And let’s NOT STARVE.